Posted by: David Vernon | June 8, 2009

A Little Housekeeping

401 Water - Happy SolsticeI found out this past weekend at the art fair that a few people actually do read this blog (and by that I mean people I don’t pay to read, er, nevermind) and so it occurred to me today that perhaps I should occasionally do a little housekeeping to inform folks what your options are in Central Illinois. I also want to say thanks for everyone who came up and introduced themselves at the fair. It’s always a miracle nice to see the faithful few. It was especially nice to finally meet Joe McNally – who not only dropped by but plunked down a couple hundred bucks for a canvas print. Um, okay – got my dates wrong – today is not April 1 – it just felt like it weather wise. So no – no Joe McNally sighting – but we’re always hoping.

Anyway – on to a little housekeeping…

Did you know you can always come out and read the Central Illinois Photoblog – right here on these very pages? You did? You folks are geniuses. Let’s assume you did indeed figure that one out and you’re here now – not for the monthly calendars – but for other reasons. Catch up on a boatload of educational articles, find out what Joe McNally (and others) are doing on their insightful blogs, search for your photographic soul and vision, learn about products that have tickled my fancy, and okay – download those cool monthly calendars. It’s always the calendars.

Did you also know you can be a joiner and take classes at the PeoriaArt Guild? Of course you did too. Still geniuses you are (said in your best Yoda voice). We’ll be teaching a few “lite” versions of classes this summer (starting July 6), and the big fall semester starts on or around October 12.

I will be teaching a four (really five) week session of the “Lighting With Small Flashes” class – beginning July 8. Ann Conver will teach a four-week short course on Basic Digital Photography, mostly on Tuesdays, beginning July 7. Jeff McSweeney is also teaching a two-day portraiture workshop – on July 11 and 18th. We’ve got more interesting things planned for the fall – so stay tuned.

Did you also know you can join (for FREE!) the Peoria Flickr group? Yeah – that I KNEW you would know. Peoria’s best Internet social-media, web frenzied photographic group. We love to get together, hang out, talk photography, eat, eat some more, pick on Canon people, pick on Nikon people (you didn’t see that one coming did you?), and every so often we like to go take pictures. We are the ones the cool kids talk about. Chew on that for a minute.

Did you also know about the Peoria Camera Club? Um-hum – I thought so. They’re taking a relaxing summer off – but are planning for a very full and rich year beginning in September. President Tom Romanowski has a full schedule that he’s already juggling. We’ll be previewing a number of things here in the next few weeks to give you a little taste. I’m going to try and get a little more involved from a promotional standpoint of club activities so we can keep you in the loop. Tune in you shall (Yoda… again).

Just a brief note on the Peoria-version of the Worldwide Photowalk. As of Monday night – there are just three spots left. Okay – technically there are four spots left when a certain person who told me she is headed to Europe instead of walking with us UNREGISTERS (hint, hint you know who you are). This is awesome and you guys rock. Good luck getting the last three, er, four, spots.

And finally – I’m going to have a few minor changes to the CIPB beginning on July 1 (or whenever). I have almost no idea what they are right now – but change is always good so we’ll think of something. Now off to bed.


  1. I promise to unregister as soon as I can get their stupid ( I mean well designed and ready to handle boatloads of internet traffic) site to load.

    So yes, technically there is one more seat – mine, which you may have if I can ever make their site load without timing out. Maybe we need to coordinate the timing of me getting out and you slipping in. If I can’t unregister, I will sell my walk spot to the highest bidder of awesomeness (that means hummus at One World and a You ROK, Stacy).

  2. So I suppose I didn’t introduce myself at the fair, but I’m Amy, the chick that was walking around w/ the taped up Holga. It was nice to meet you and I hope you did well at the show.

    Thanks for all the info! I plan to bring the Holga on the Peoria Walk in July. And maybe we’ll cross paths at the Art Guild

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