About the Blog

The goal of this blog is to feature photography, photographers, photographic thoughts, and other useful information – all about and to photographers in Central Illinois. That could mean almost anything and as time goes by – we’ll better define that.

About the Blogger

Right now – it is brought to you by me – Dave Vernon – a photographer who lives right here in… yes… Central Illinois. I have worked as a commercial photographer in Peoria and I continue to work many other interesting photographic angles. I’m an instructor at the Peoria Art Guild. I founded and run the ever-so-active Peoria group on the website flickr.com. I’ve got my little side business, aka eScapesPhoto that specializes in selling landscape photos from around the world. Oh – and now I’m a blogger too. There just seems to be too much time in the day.

Find me at david (at) escapeshoto (dot) com

And finally… all images, unless otherwise specified, are copyright David B. Vernon / eScapes Photo

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