The Central Illinois Photoblog FAQ:

Why aren’t there any questions here yet?

Hah! There are – I’ve been working on it. Look down below. Nevertheless, it’s early and I’ll be adding lots more cause who doesn’t love a good FAQ? Can I get an Amen?

What Digital SLR should I buy?

I can help you with that question. But first read this post. Now if you still have questions, drop me an email or leave a comment somewhere so we can share your wisdom with everyone. You can also check out a few websites that will tell you everything you want to know about your choices: DPReview.com and 1001 Noisy Cameras.

What Point-and-Shoot should I buy?

I honestly have no clue. There’s like a new model introduced every day – or at least it feels like that. I cannot keep up. If money were no object and I could pick one – it would be the Canon G9 or G10. Every pro seems to love that camera for all the things it can do in a P&S. Pricey though. Again, head up to the goodliness mentioned in the previous question – DPReview and 1001 Noisy Cameras are crazy enough to keep up with what comes out every day. They are slightly more insane then I.

What film camera should I buy (on eBay)?

Good question. I’ll get back to you on that.

What lens should I get?

Please, please, please read this post first. Then comment for the benefit of all, or mail me your specifics.

What flash should I get?

Please, please, please read this post first. Then comment for the benefit of all, or mail me your specifics. Echo!

What Photo Editing software should I use?

Once more into the breech. Go ahead and read this post first. Then do what comes naturally – even if that means asking me questions or commenting for the benefit of all.

Will you link to my photo blog/website/collection?

Do we know each other? No? Then let’s get to know each other first. Yes? We do? What’s your link? Hurry!

I know we don’t know each other but will you mention my Central Illinois Photography thingy?

That counts as getting to know each other. Since we claim to be the rockin’ Central Illinois Photoblog, we would be doing you a huge disservice if we failed to mention your thingy. So please – mail me all the thingy things you want.

What is this Peoria Camera Club you mention sometimes?

The Peoria Camera Club was (in their words) created in 1954 for the exchange of ideas and information relating to the art, techniques, and skills of individuals with a similar interest in photography. (Their) vision is to help anyone with a desire to develop their photographic skills through encouragement, mutual help, and learning opportunities. (Their) club year runs from September through May. A variety of photographic possibilities are offered during our club year.

Do you see what happens when you have a webpage?

What is this Peoria Flickr Group you mention sometimes?

The Peoria Flickr group is (in my words) a collection of photographers and groupies who use the popular photo-sharing website flickr.com and have an affection for Peoria and Central Illinois. I am the groups’ founder and tyrannical dictator – but in a good way. Our vision is no less lofty then the Peoria Camera Club, but we probably eat more hummus. Our current state of the club message will tell you what we’ve done and what we’re doing. We encourage you to come out and join us any time. Newcomers do have to spring for the hummus though and change their name to Tim (see – if you join you’ll learn the nuance of this obviously inside joke).

No seriously – what exactly makes up Central Illinois?

A fine question. I think if you ask 50 people from Central Illinois that question, you’ll get 49 different answers (one guy will just keep snoring). MY take on this covers three primary cities and what falls between: Peoria, Bloomington/Normal, and Springfield, IL (and yes I know that’s technically four cities). Some people may extend this to Champaign/Urbana to the east and Galesburg to the west but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Who do you think you are? Mr. Bigstuff?

Read all about my bona fides on the About page. Natch!


  1. I see that you offer photography classes. I got a Nikon D3200 for Christmas and I am totally lost as to how to use all the gadgets. I have always loved taking pictures and want to learn how to take some awesome pictures when we travel out west where there is some breathtaking views. Do you offer digital photo classes for dummies? I have looked at the DVD and looked at the instructional manual, but a lot of it does not make sense to me. Will your classes give me insight as to what all the terms mean and give me time to absorb what the camera can do. Also, what is the cost of your class that is offered from March 31 to May 19. I’m very interested. Thank you.

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