Posted by: David Vernon | June 5, 2009

Shake It

Capturing the LincolnsThe good news… if you head to the amazing Abraham Lincoln Museum down in Springfield, you can photograph your rear end off in the gigantic main entryway. There are tons of pictures for the taking there. The bad news… photography is generally prohibited in the rest of the museum. Not sure when museum folks will get it – I don’t like any reasons for prohibiting photography in settings like this but oh well (and I didn’t say there weren’t valid reasons – I just DON’T LIKE ‘EM).

Anyway, I’m gearing up for the Junction City Art Fair tomorrow so I’m keeping it brief today. Chase Jarvis, who’s a pretty clever and inventive photographer, wrote a post a few weeks ago that may have slipped past you. Entitled “Shake Your Tree Today“, it’s a list of 22 ways to stretch yourself as a photographer. And this isn’t the old standard list – this is some clever stuff that you might not think of. So go read it and embrace at least one idea. Come back and leave a comment telling me which one struck a chord with you. I’m kind of partial to #14 (okay I don’t have to rent – but I do have to dust off). You?

Okay – have a great weekend. Stop by Junction City and say howdy if you get the chance. Saturday and Sunday – 10:00am to 4:00pm.


  1. I kinda like #20. I’ve been putting up editing a small promo video for myself. I should buckle down and just have fun with it, maybe I will get something or maybe it will stink. Who knows!

  2. Stacy – if Moose can make fun of himself in videos – who are we not to try and emulate?

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