Posted by: David Vernon | June 29, 2017

July 2017 Desktop Calendar

July 2017 Desktop Calendar

If you wander to the Arc de Triomphe, centered in the Place Charles de Gaulle between the Avenue de la Grande-Armee and the Avenue de la Champs-Elysees (and ten other roads converging), you should definitely pay to go in… and up – 208′ to the roof where the views of Paris are magnifique. There’s a lovely little museum at the top and plenty to interest – but don’t neglect a walk around the outside – with its equally wonderful statues and carvings. Oh, and the giant French tricolor that almost always flys under the cover of French history… it’s all delightful.

So enjoy month seven of 12 months of Paris – we’re more than halfway home – still all shot in June 2016. So why not click on a link below to find a lovely desktop for the month ahead. Enjoy!

Mobile-esque (no calendar) versions:

  • iPad (and adjustable by you for all other phone / tablet versions)

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