Posted by: David Vernon | September 1, 2016

September 2016 Desktop Calendar

September 2016 Desktop Calendar

Now somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota, there lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon. That Beatles lyric would be more interesting if this were South Dakota. It is not. Now if Rocky Raccoon took a trip to Death Valley in California… THEN we’d have had something. This is why that band didn’t make it.

The Road to Wildrose – as in Wildrose – the town/camping area in Death Valley, California, was about 18 miles long and we were hoping we could get out the other end but – get this – flooding damage had closed the road down near Wildrose. Flooding damage – in Death Valley. Climate change FTW. So we enjoyed the sunset views in the foothills of the mountains that make the valley that is famous for heat and emptiness… and you can do with your free exciting desktop calendar.

Now that you’ve come this far, why not get yours while they last. Which will be for a long time… And whistle a little Rocky Raccoon. Here we go:

Mobile-esque (no calendar) versions:

  • iPad (and adjustable by you for all other phone / tablet versions)

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