Posted by: David Vernon | August 30, 2015

Sepember 2015 Desktop Calendar

September 2015 Desktop Calendar

We reach back three whole years for this lovely sunset over the Virgin River at Canyon Junction in Zion National Park – one of my favorite crowded places on earth to view a sunset.

Standing here on the bridge, often with 30-50 other photographers, is an adventure. You have to come early to get a spot. The further left you go (or right) the more complex and less compositionally interesting it gets. There is no sidewalk either – just a narrow space filled with photogs dodging the shuttle buses and other cars that frequently shake the bridge… so you pick your moment – and nature does the rest. The sunsets on the right, lighting up the peaks on the left until the last minute. On a good night, I imagine it to be one of the prettiest places on Earth.

So here you go: celebrate September in one of five designer sizes:

Mobile-esque (no calendar) versions:

  • iPad (and cropable by you for all other phone / tablet versions)


  1. absolutely gorgeous frame!

  2. Always nice to hear from ya Craig… I keep my eye on you on Instagram – hope all is well in the ‘Burgh. Doin’ what I can to hex the Cards – but it’s gonna be tough to win the Central.

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