Posted by: David Vernon | December 1, 2013

December 2013 Desktop Calendar

December 2013 Desktop Calendar

It’s a little hard to believe this is my 59th calendar. And in honor of the great #59, I’ll ham it up with a little quiz for you… Why do I associate the number 59 with the Polish term “Dobre Shunka”? Go google that…

Meanwhile, we’ll take our first December snow of the year from the great state of Wyoming and a little mountain called the Grand Teton. Conver and Vernon Photo Tours made a brief stop before the mountain back in June – when the snow was where I like it – on top of a mountain… To me, if you’re gonna have snow – make it somewhere pretty to look at, and don’t put it somewhere I have to shovel it. Just saying.

So here you go. Help yourself to a lovely desktop calendar for a look at the grandness of the Grand Tetons…

Mobile versions:

  • iPad Retina (and cropable by you for all other versions)
  • iPad2 (and cropable by you for all other phone versions)

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