Posted by: David Vernon | October 1, 2013

October 2013 Desktop Calendar

October 2013 Desktop Calendar

It seems to soon to depend on Scotland for a desktop calendar – maybe in November – maybe in the spring. Meanwhile, we have lovely Yellowstone to draw upon and we have, with this lovely early morning view of the boardwalk across the Lower Geyser Basin to Grand Geyser. And what a show it put on – for me in 2010. This year – it was kinda quiet. But this isn’t all bad – just the noise of the wind and the little critters scurrying across the rocks.

So here you go. Help yourself to a lovely desktop calendar for a look at the last quarter of the year…

Mobile versions:

  • iPad Retina (and cropable by you for all other versions)
  • iPad2 (and cropable by you for all other phone versions)


  1. Beautiful! I don’t know how I missed this for October, but I like it so much it’s going to be my November 🙂 Thanks Dave!

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