Posted by: David Vernon | July 28, 2013

August 2013 Desktop Calendar

August 2013 Desktop Calendar

Alright then – we’ve let Yellowstone breath for a month so let’s get right to it. The lovely 308′ tall Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River feel just about right when seen from the rocky outcropping known as Artist’s Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (that’s the rim on the left). I am not surprised by the name, so perfect for the location. We were there before sunrise in early June and found the place to ourselves (as we so often do in National Parks) in 31-degree weather (up around 8,000′ elevation). The rest was easy. The light just climbing over the canyon behind us to make the sky pretty, but not yet high enough to brighten the canyon walls in front of us. An amazing place.

So here you go. Help yourself to a lovely desktop calendar for a sneaky cool start to August. I’m sure it will heat up sometime, but just in case, grab a calendar and you’re covered.

Mobile versions:

  • iPad Retina (and cropable by you for all other versions)
  • iPad2 (and cropable by you for all other phone versions)


  1. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone by Thomas Moran is my favorite!

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