Posted by: David Vernon | April 30, 2013

May 2013 Desktop Calendar

May 2013 Desktop Calendar

We celebrate May 1 here in Central Illinois as we always seem to – with temps in the 80s after a long, cold, wet April. And when I think of 80s (no, not the 1980s!), I think of summer, and I harken back to early August of 2011 when I took a scenic drive through western Nebraska. Twice. The second time featured dramatic light over a field as I stood with my back facing iconic Chimney Rock (don’t know it? Find Nebraska’s state quarter and check out the back). This field glowed in the early evening sun – and here – almost 2 years later, we have a desktop calendar. w00t!

And why twice you ask (go ahead and ask)? While photographing earlier in the day just outside of Torrington, WY, I dropped all of my glass filters into the tall grass. I didn’t realize it until I stopped here two hours later to photograph Chimney Rock in the afternoon. So it was two hours back to Torrington where I found the spot on the highway where I’d been. After 15 minutes of searching, the filters were found (you try searching quickly for a smallish bag in tall grass), and I was on my way back to Chimney Rock for sunset. See – good light will do that to you… make you drop things and curse a little and then bathe in the golden hour…

That’s okay – it’s all good in the end. So celebrate May and my found filters, and head over to the Central Illinois Photoblog in a few to get your May calendar. And think summery thoughts in spring.

Mobile versions:

  • iPad Retina (and cropable by you for all other versions)
  • iPad2 (and cropable by you for all other phone versions)


  1. Wow! Dave I love this desktop! Thanks 🙂

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