Posted by: David Vernon | November 30, 2012

December 2012 Desktop Calendar

December 2012 Desktop Calendar

It’s been a rare thing – a photo taken in the same month as the calendar itself – a December photo for … December.

About a year ago, we were teaching a workshop that took advantage of the festive holiday attire of Chicago. It was a lovely weekend for photography, and we tried to extend it a bit by heading out to Adler Planetarium to get a sunrise frontlit photo of the Chicago skyline. Mostly though – for the only time we were up there – it rained. At one point I turned my camera east, to avoid the raindrops I was dealing with facing west. And when I did – this is the view I was presented with. I vaguely remembered this guy walking past me but there he was – paused just looking out over the lake. A five-second exposure later (thankfully he stood still) – I had a grey December morning photo bonus…

And as we always do – we encourage you to download one of, like 9 million sizes – sized just right for you. Probably. Maybe. Have a good month – and a good holiday and we’ll see you in 2013!

Mobile versions:

  • iPad Retina (and cropable by you for all other versions)
  • iPad2 (and cropable by you for all other phone versions)

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