Posted by: David Vernon | May 30, 2012

June 2012 Desktop Calendar

June 2012 Desktop Calendar

So I have this hankering to switch it up this month… to reach way back in the archives… and go a completely different route. Cows – yes – we’ve done cows before. But these cows are special. They’re Irish cows. Meaning they’re standing in Ireland – meaning I was standing in Ireland. Actually this photo – at Hore Abbey, at the foot of the famed Rock of Cashel – is seven years old now (and the cows are probably … well they were probably burgerized years ago). But I don’t mind that it’s seven years gone by. I don’t mind at all as I’m heading back to Ireland in a few weeks to make some more images. I won’t look for THESE cows but I might go stand in this same field and see who walks by…

So enjoy your lovely Irish Cow Calendar – in one of six delectable medium-rare sizes…

Mobile version:

  • iPad (and cropable by you for all other versions)

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