Posted by: David Vernon | April 29, 2012

May 2012 Desktop Calendar

May 2012 Desktop Calendar

So what happened to summer, er, I mean winter? Well at any rate – it’s clearly, clearly spring now. April flowers and all that stuff… And what they heck too – I’m a day early – this has been a strange little year.

Speaking of years, it’s been about 2/3 of a year – yes that’s roughly eight months – since we’ve had a waterfall calendar. And I dig my waterfalls. And it was rainy today so it felt very waterfally. And now I’m just making up words. At any rate – Grotto Falls is a lovely little twenty-footer in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. And in all my trips down there over the years, I’d somehow missed this guy each time. No longer. Our Smoky Mountain workshop last fall left us a little time for one last hike on the last night of things – and look what we found. Well worth it – especially if you’re feeling waterfally.

So enjoy your desktop calendar in one of six sizes, along with a croppable tablet or phone background with no calendar. And we’ll see you back here, same bat time, same bat channel, in 31 days.

Mobile version:

  • iPad (and cropable by you for all other versions)

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