Posted by: David Vernon | April 10, 2012

Washington DC Slide Show

We’ll skip the top photo this time in favor of a slideshow – my top ten favorite images from my recent Washington DC trip. We had the good fortune to find a small studio apartment about two blocks from the Capitol building so we were able to get to a lot of sites in and around the National Mall on foot (and train and cab). Distances in DC are a little deceiving – it’s all bigger than it appears in your mind’s eye but it is doable. You may however pay with sore feet.

We were also there, quite coincidentally, for the 100th Cherry Blossom Festival – and I gotta tell you – the blossoms were spectacular. Between the monuments, flowers, and everything else – it was a whirlwind photowalk… enjoy the show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. David, these pictures are breath taking!

  2. David~ Your DC shots are beautiful as are all of your images, but these have inspired me to dream a DC show of your work and/or others from our homeland who have also captured their vision of our nation’s capitol. Can we discuss this sometime soon. If not directly with us sitting down, please mention it to Suzette and see if it fits with her vision of All About Arts October.

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