Posted by: David Vernon | April 5, 2012

Peoria Photo Opportunities

Interiors - Funk's Grove Church

If you take a moment or two to look around – there’s some stuff going on right here in P-town.

  • The Peoria Flickr group is shaking off the winter doldrums (wait – those existed this year?) and holding its first Photo Walk for 2012 on April 21. It’s the beloved Peoria Southside Alley Walk with a twist – there will be a number of locations over the two hours of the walk so we’re not sticking to just that ONE alley… Get the details in the group and ANYONE is welcome to come out and join us.
  • The Peoria Strobist group – which is a great group/local resource for flash photography – is holding their first Peoria Strobist  Workshop on May 12. Mike “Joe McNally” Vujovich is melding together lights, models, locations, and lots of cool stuff. You can join the group for free (free Flickr membership and it’s free to join the group) and while there’s a small charge for the workshop – you’re paying for models – it’s modest and should be very worthwhile.
  • This also came to my attention the other day – there’s a new (formed last summer) Peoria Group that gathers on The Peoria group over there looks like it provides some opportunities for all levels of shooters so drop on by and take a read of the goals of the group. They have a couple things coming up shortly.

The Peoria Riverfront Museum (PRM) will be having their grand opening in October. Central Illinois Artist Organization (CIAO) has the opportunity to curate an exhibit in the museum during the first five months of opening activities. With thousands of visitors planning to tour the museum, this presents a great opportunity for Central Illinois Artists. This is a call for entries to the CIAO & Friends Invitational exhibit to be held at The Peoria Riverfront Museum from October 2012 to March 2013 featuring Central Illinois artists. If you would like your art considered for the show, you have until April 30 to respond.

  • The First United Methodist Church in Peoria has a show ongoing right now featuring around 60 local artists. The 28th Annual Fine Arts Exhibit runs through April 15 and is open 11am – 3pm on Monday-Friday, and 9:30am to 12 noon on Sundays. And true to form for this post – here are the details.
  • The triptych at the top of this image – taken by yours truly – features the lovely little church at Funk’s Grove, a small settlement just southwest of Bloomington-Normal. Lots of local photographers make the trek over there for the numerous intriguing photographic opportunites. And this post is all about opportunities. Check out their web site – and if you get the change – make a run over there.

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