Posted by: David Vernon | February 27, 2012

The Marquette Group for interBusiness Issues – February 2012

InterBusiness Issues February 2012

I went back and checked. I wrote an article for this blog back on August 27, 2008 called “Why Am I Here“. In that post I outlined some of the reasons I wanted to originally do a photoblog. I mentioned it would Central Illinois-centric. I suggested it would be a good resource for passing on other interesting photographic information. I thought it would be a good place to support my teaching of photography – first at the Peoria Art Guild – and then at Illinois Central College. My rationale – although unwritten on that date – was that each article would have one of my images on it and that would be a means to show off some of my work. It didn’t really appeal to me though to simply show off more of my work here – to dedicate an entire article to talking about a shoot I did – and then showing some of the shots from that shoot. Well – we’re changing that up today.

Over the last few months I have been shooting some stories for Peoria Magazines. They largely publish three magazines that highlight Arts and Business in and around Central Illinois. I’ve done most of my work for interBusiness Issues – a monthly dedicated very specifically at business entities. Their other magazine – Arts and Society – focuses – as you can probably guess – on the local arts scene. The third magazine – Peoria Progress – is published twice a year and is more about pulling the best of the last six months into a format that that does a nice job of cheerleading for Central Illinois. So over the next few months, I’m going to try and get all of my tear sheets up on the blog to highlight some of my professional work… So onwards and upwards…

The February 2012 article in interBusiness Issues features an international marketing company known as The Marquette Group. The assignment was pretty simple: make portraits of both the CEO (Chris Cummings) and their President (Eric Webb) – as well as a two-shot of them. Then just do a walk-around for some shots of the Peoria office location. A little behind-the-scenes is I don’t always get the luxury of scouting a location before I shoot it. In this case – I got to their offices about an hour ahead of the planned shoot time and working with their communications folks we scouted for spots. They had just done a very nice and vibrant rebranding of their offices so we agreed that including that would not only spice up the shots but support the mission. Much like the photography of one of my favorite corporate editorial shooters, Brad Trent, our goal really strives to put the company in a good light. So after some scouting and some cajoling to get a few extra minutes with two busy guys – we got after it. We did the two shot first, which ran as an inset on page three – and then I shot both guys in two different locations – their office and I got each in one of their updated conference rooms. Total time with them – about 20 minutes. I then spent about 40 minutes making about two dozen environmental shots around the office. Some of these were posed and some were candids. Combine that with scouting, set-up, and tear down – I was there about two hours. All of the portraits were shot with a 60″ shoot-thru umbrella and Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) driving a couple of different Nikon flashes.

What you see above is what ran in the finished magazine. And what you’ll see below are various shots in a larger format that made up the shoot.




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