Posted by: David Vernon | February 25, 2012

The Post I’ve Been Meaning to Write…

Wharf 2

for quite some time actually…

So why has this blog – for all intents and purposes – been dormant (except for Project Double Take and Monthly Calendars) since September 2010 (and in reality slightly longer)?

It’s not that I don’t have anything new to say or that I’ve lost any interest in photography. No – quite simply it’s our collective friend: time.

Back in the heyday of publishing on the CIPB, I was working full-time as a corporate photographer and life was good. And then, around mid-2008, the economy tanked (you may recall that distant blip) and I “transitioned” against my will (!) to full-time freelance around the start of 2009 – the worst year for professional photography since like 1839. In the few months between June of ’08 when I left the corporate shooting world, and December ’08 however I spent six months working back in my old world… corporate IT and software development – at my actual old job for the same company I had been photographing for. Yes – before I worked as a corporate shooter, I spent 10 years in information technology for the tractor company known throughout Central Illinois.

So in January ’09 I embarked on 16 months of the “no one really needs a photographer except every once in a while” lifestyle. This also left me plenty of time to blog and the CIPB carried on. Fortunately, life got better in May of ’10 when said company asked me to come back and do more IT consulting on my major past project. So I went back for the most part – but decided to keep going as much as I could on the photography front. And all of that adds up to time consumed (add into that teaching about 10 workshops a year, teaching at Illinois Central College, chairing the Peoria Camera Club’s Annual Seminar – WE HAVE BEN WILLMORE coming to Central Illinois on March 17th!). And time consumed left little time for the CIPB – and it still does. Since May of 2010 I’ve been a little tuckered for blogging so, sadly, everything has sat mostly idle.

And while I kept thinking I should write this blog so people know – it’s was always about item #17 on my to-do list. What changed today? I have no idea why today was the day to write it – I got up early and was being productive I suppose – and it just showed up on my doorstop and presented itself…

Where is the blog going? Well – the monthly calendars don’t actually take much time so they will continue. I actually got an email today (thanks Ken) asking me how I make the calendars and I thought that would make a good post here so maybe that helped. In typical fashion I started to complicate it. I thought – the heck with a post – I should make a VIDEO! Fortunately I came to my senses but you never know… For the foreseeable future though, the kind of aggregation posts I’ve done in the past are done and over. I still read too many photo blogs with good information – but I read them QUICKLY now and am not leaving time to pass them along. There are some things I’d still like to say from an original content perspective – and I think it’s a good exercise to occasionally open my mouth and say them… so maybe every once in awhile… Maybe.

Anyways – nice to talk to y’all again in the form of something other than a calendar. Hope things are going well for you and that you’re still making pictures… it is after all the little things in life that make it fun.


  1. Love your photo.

  2. More blog posts would be welcome. Keep ’em coming.

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