Posted by: David Vernon | November 30, 2011

December 2011 Desktop Calendar

December 2011 Desktop Calendar

I could go on about how the December 2011 Desktop Calendar is my favorite shot from my recent trip to Utah – how it was so beautiful and awesome and inspiring. I could talk about that but I’m already assuming you’ve tuned out. You’re angry. I can tell. You know how I can tell? I can tell because I had to make a difficult decision and while making that decision I wondered aloud how many people I would piss off with this month’s calendar. The answer was obvious – both of you…

No no – it’s because I moved the little calendar object. It’s more graphically viewable against the dark rock in the upper right-hand corner than the rushing water in the lower right-hand corner. Que sera! Deal with it. Both of you!

So this month we take you to the foot of Wall Street – an amazing canyon area in the Zion Narrows on the Virgin River of southern Utah’s Zion National Park. And it really is beautiful, awesome, and inspiring… and it comes in one of eight sizes. Enjoy – more Utah to come in the next months!

Mobile versions:


  1. Looks great! Thanks!

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