Posted by: David Vernon | November 2, 2011

November 2011 Desktop Calendar

November 2011 Desktop Calendar


In case you haven’t been following the passage of time here in Central Illinois, the corn and beans are all gone and the fields are empty. And while that has indeed happened, it doesn’t mean we can’t find some lovely color for you in the winter resting places around the small towns that make it all happen – like the co-op grain elevator and dryer just outside of Tremont, IL, that’s featured on this month’s calendar.

And we’re a day late because I just got back from calendar shopping – visiting four of the five national parks in Utah over the last week. Stops at Arches, Bryce, Capitol Reef, and Zion took me from the beginning of the alphabet to the end in search of more calendar shots… so onwards and upwards until they grace this spot.

So feel free to partake in one of eight sizes – and take in the delightful month of November down on the farm…

Mobile versions:


  1. hope yinz two had an amazing time visiting the parks, perhaps when I retire I’ll get to see them all myself.

  2. Wonderful colors and lines in your photo, David. The seasons are changing quickly, but I find that it only helps us to truly appreciate each of them as they pass.

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