Posted by: David Vernon | June 30, 2011

July 2011 Desktop Calendar

July 2011 Desktop Calendar

So here we are on my 30th Desktop Calendar – two-and-a-half years – and it never once occurred to me to tell people what you are supposed to do with these things. I just assumed everyone knew. That’s not the case as I came to discover this past month (thanks Mom!).

So let me explain it. This monthly image is a stand-in for your computer background for 30 or so days. Whatever you’ve got there now – this image is going to replace it. You get a pretty photograph taken by yours truly and a little calendar down in the corner so you can easily refer to which day is which.

How do you install it? You click on the link that is closet to the resolution of your monitor. If you aren’t sure how to find that – there are about a million ways – dependent on your computer/OS/monitor. But let me make it SUPER easy for you. Click on this link. BAM! How easy was that? Real easy (unless it miserably failed – then not so easy; get busy on Google). But if it was easy and the magic numbers show up on your screen, come back here and see if the exact numbers are here. If they are – click on that link. If they are not here – find a link that is slightly larger than your numbers. Click on THAT link. Either way a photo shows up on the screen. If you’re using a browser like Firefox, Opera, or Safari (or gasp! Internet Explorer – and if you’re using IE 6 or earlier just give up now. Shame on you. Upgrade that OLD warhorse. Now. IE8 for Windows XP, IE9 for Windows 7) then just right-click (or CTRL-Click for Mac-types) on the image and select the choice that says something akin to “Save as Desktop Background”. That’s it – you’re done. If you’re using the same browser I am – the remarkably awesome Chrome browser, then curse for a moment that this is the ONE thing they haven’t figured out yet. In that case you’ll have to right-click (or CTRL-Click for Mac-types) and save the image – and then do another right/CTRL-click on your desktop to get Display properties so you can tell your CPU to use the image you just saved – if only you remembered where you saved it. C’mon Chrome – can’t we have this like tomorrow? (EDIT: Here’s a quickie little video on how to do it in just one extra step)

You can also get a monthly image for your iPad, iPhone and/or Android phone, and the good ‘ol-fashioned/old school Blackberry. I keep the Blackberry around, even though I upgraded my phone to something from this century, for my friend Alissa in Kentucky. If she would upgrade her phone I could take that link down.

So after all that – I’m pretty darn tired when it comes to story-telling on this image but I try. This lovely sunrise over North Carolina was taken from the wondrous Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park last September. From the same basic spot in one morning we started with this, moved to this, and finished with what you see above. That’s the magic of the Smokies for you. I’m excited to be taking a workshop group down there this September – it’s gonna be a blast.

So feel free to partake in one of nine sizes – and enjoy that summer…

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  1. Hey! I love you! And, I upgraded my phone! I am now an iPhone connoisseur so go ahead, take that link down! lol

  2. And, for the record, I use your monthly image on my work computer and always get tons and tons of compliments on it! I also put it on my phone and my home computer 🙂

  3. Look at that – we both upgraded our phones from those pesky little Blackberrys. I now have a Droid so yeah – that sucker is outta here. And thanks for being such a loyal desktop calendar user… you rock madam.

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