Posted by: David Vernon | May 31, 2011

June 2011 Desktop Calendar

June 2011 Desktop Calendar

If you live in Central Illinois, you came to the realization over the Memorial Day weekend that the distance between spring and summer is about one day. We went from cool and rainy on Sunday to hot and muggy on Monday. Every bug that was hiding in Central Illinois appeared last night. Oh yes – welcome to summer in the Heartland.

To postpone that feeling for a few days, I take you this month out to Yellowstone National Park – where roads are still closed and snow still reigns. This image was made on my last day in the park in June of 2010. The vistas in the park are just outstanding – for a park known for so many other things. This view – between Tower Junction and Canyon Junction – was found on a very early morning drive to see the waterfall near Tower. Just lovely.

So feel free to partake in one of nine sizes – and work to keep the heat and humidity away for at least 30 days…

Mobile versions:


  1. Awesome Shot Dave!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before.

  2. Great picture. Don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed the mountains in central Illinois are a lot closer to the center of the earth.

  3. Closer to the center of earth and frequently covered in dirt… it’s depressing at times.

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