Posted by: David Vernon | March 31, 2011

April 2011 Desktop Calendar

April 2011 Desktop Calendar

We move from a famous national park in the southeast to a famous iconic monument in the American West. Yes – welcome to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in Wyoming – heck I lived there for 10 years so that qualifies – and the beauty of the state never fails to amaze me. I love it! And Devil’s Tower is one of the most unique things in the state. Photographically, this was a good time – if you consider we got there about a half-hour short of sunset and it was cloudy. And it was raining. But the Longhorn steer, standing in front of this wonderful scene cried out to me for a shot. While my lovely wife stayed dry in the car, I wandered out to the fence line with camera, tripod, and umbrella. I got just a few shots before the cow turned to the Tower – showing me his less desirous side. I was pretty wet (the umbrella was for the camera – not me) and there were more shots to explore so – enjoy what I was able to bring back:

Mobile versions:

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