Posted by: David Vernon | December 22, 2010

Project Double Take #24 – Near/Far

Well as the year winds down, so doeth Project Double Take.

Our 24th regular assignment (along with five special assignments) was a traditional compositional element known as Near/Far. The idea was to have a foreground object offsetting a background object. And just as the early PDT efforts were done in the snow, well we ended up back in the snow again.

For my final regular PDT image, I ventured to a spot that Stacy and I had trod back when it was warm – and very buggy. I wandered out to the McCluggage Bridge for a shot I had in mind with some wooden piers. And looking up at my shot, you can see that I went a different route (although the pillars are located just behind this old bridge pylon). This pylong has been a target for graffiti for as long as I’ve know about it. The only remaining support for a bridge over the Illinois River long gone, it juxtaposed the current bridge very nicely. The fact that “Peace is unreal” appeared on a mostly overcast day in a wonderful blue only made things more interesting. Also – I have no idea where my little jut of land ended and the river began – except that I think I was darn close a few times. But I had Goretex® shoes on so I was perfectly safe. Perfectly.

Stacy worked just a short distance up-river from me, at the Illinois Valley Yacht Club. She ventured out on their breakwater and found a little Christmas cheer with a nearby “Christmas tree” and the distant shores of Tazewell County in the background. You should of course read the much more interesting story in Stacy’s own words over on her stupendous little blog.

We’re back one more time next week – for our final reveal – with our old friend Film. C’mon back y’all.

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