Posted by: David Vernon | December 8, 2010

PDT Special #5 – Moonlit

Welcome back to our December Madness on PDT – five posts in five weeks. We continue the fun tonight with the last of our “special projects” – number 5 – Moonlit.

Both Stacy and I wanted to take advantage of the mostly full moon that occurred within the project window – so we found ourselves in the same spots on the same night to take advantage of a 95% full moon. The spot – a favorite of ours – the Rail Splitter Wind Farm near Delavan, IL. The night? Cold. Windy. Brrrr. But we got it done.

We both started out on the west side of I-155 where there are seven wind turbines – but shortly moved over to the east side – where there were more options. I looked south while Stacy looked north. I got the face of the wind turbines into the moon, while Stacy got the darker back sides.

My shot  went on for 8-10 minutes – to really let the slow-moving blades on the turbines burn-in. I also worked with a real warm white balance (tungsten) to normalize my lights and to make my skies blue.  I also took advantage of Photoshop’s “Lens Correction” filter to straighten out my wind turbines as I was pointing up slightly at 18mm.

Stacy and I were both fascinated with the synchronized red lights on the top of the turbine housings and she took real advantage of that in her shot. It’s pretty cool to just see some 40 or so red lights – all synced up – flashing in the night sky. Of course you can get the “rest of the story” over on Stacy’s blog.

Just three PDT’s left. We welcome “Long Exposure” next week, followed by Near/Far and Film in the last two weeks of the month.


  1. great photos~

  2. I totally dig these special projects you two do
    and I am really looking forward to the last project…film

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