Posted by: David Vernon | December 2, 2010

Project Double Take 22 – Starbust

Well – we’re coming down to the big finish on Project Double Take – just three projects left to post. What’s that? Project #12 – Film? We never posted that? Really? Okay – fair enough. FOUR projects left to post – it’s going to be a practical posting frenzy around here this month – and here I am starting a day late…

Project 22 is a little bit different – as we chase the elusive starburst. Back in the day (whatever that means), the cheater’s way to get a little starburst in nature was to put an actual starburst filter on your lens. But if you look at the title of this project on the image above, you see it’s actually “Starburst at f/22”. That’s right – if you stop your lens down to f/22 or smaller – it’s actually the equivalent of a nice hard squint. And do you ever notice when you squint at bright points of light you too see starbursts. Well – let’s replicate that by making our cameras squint – and putting them in the landscape. And presto…

My photo was the result of, ummmm, well, a trip to the bathroom at 2am on a recent bright night. I looked out the floor to ceiling windows on the south side of the house (love those windows) and noticed the moon in a slightly hazy sky. Knowing I needed to get my starbursty shot, I pulled on some more clothes (make that WARM clothes) and ventured out to shoot the moon, through silhoutted trees. And boom. Starbust – at f/22 for about six seconds and maybe ISO 800. A few minutes later I was safely back in bed – and starting to get warm again. The things we do for PDT.

My good buddy Stacy roamed the hollows and forests of Iowa to get her daytime starburst – from that other large light thing in the the sky. You can read about it over at her blog of course – and then come on back here for our December madness: Moonlit (next week), followed by Long Exposure, Near/Far, and finally – that long anticipated Film. It’s gonna be an action-packed month.


  1. Ok, now I know how to make my camera squint, but, how do I make it *wink* 😉

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