Posted by: David Vernon | November 3, 2010

Project Double Take 21 – Waterfalls

I would clearly like to speak with the individual in charge of Project Double Take. It was apparently his idea to throw us a curve by putting waterfalls into the fall calendar. You know – when there’s just not much water flowing in the entire state of Illinois.

Rest assured however that Stacy and I will do what it takes to find some falling water… and we did – we just had to trek to North Carolina to do it. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. So – as you probably know from looking at Special Project #4 – we headed down to the Smoky Mountains – where they have more water then we do.

We saw our fair share of waterfalls – that’s for sure. My choice is actually the tallest falls in the area – Mingo Falls – which sit just outside the park boundary. After hiking up 159 steps to get there (plus a small set of steps to get onto a bridge to cross the creek), we ventured into the middle of the stream at the foot of the 180′ wall (see my full shot here).  Eventually I settled in on the action of the various cascades at the bottom of the wall. And that – converted to black and white with Nik Silver Efex Pro – represents my waterfall.

Stacy chose to go with our Saturday morning shot of  Hen Wallow Falls in the northeast part of the park. She and I took a series of fairly similar shots of these falls. Head over to her blog to hear her part of the story.

And now we’re down to the final three projects. Where did the year go?

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