Posted by: David Vernon | October 7, 2010

Project Double Take 19 – Corn

As Project Double Take winds down, we come to our own Central Illinois harvest – the one that winds down our calendar year – we come to the corn.

So what about the corn? Stacy and I took two different tacks obviously. She liked the corn alive and I… well not so much.

I visited one of my favorite Central Illinois haunts – the Tremont Grain Co-Op in Tremont, IL. The corn harvest came pretty early this year. It was – in fact – a good season for corn in Illinois in 2010. It was so good that a lot of corn was harvested by the time this project came along. Corn fields after harvest are still a vitally interesting place. The leading lines are made more obvious by the fact you can now see the tops of the rows of corn stalks. And my leading lines – standing in a field north of the co-op at sunset lead right to thousands of tons of corn off the cob – all stored up for resale into all of the things corn does in our world.  So yeah – think of me as the after.

Stacy caught some stalks of corn in their last days. As the year moves on, all the energy of the plant goes into production of the ears – to the neglect of the rest of the plant which starts to wither and yellow. It’s when you see all the potential energy of the harvest to come. Of course you can mosey over to her blog for her take on her image and then – GASP – wander back here shortly because we only have about six projects left. Where has the year gone?

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