Posted by: David Vernon | September 22, 2010

Project Double Take 18 – Polaroids

Welcome to installment number 18 of Project Double Take – a fun diversion into the land of Polaroids.

This being a format PDT instead of a content version lets us venture out and do whatever it is we’d like to do. I happened to have a specialized lens on the day I made my images – a 24mm Perspective Control lens. I experimented with one of the features such a lens offers – by creating the look of a miniature environment. Standing on the top of the parking deck at Peoria’s One Technology Plaza, I looked toward the river in an urban landscape setting. Capturing the construction in the new Museum Square block I got the bonus of a guy practicing his skateboarding on top of the parking deck far below. It seemed like the perfect transition for a Polaroid.

Stacy’s shot, taken with the 24mm f/1.4 lens from Nikon at the gardens at Illinois Central College, catches a wonderful landscape moment in time as well. If you head over to her blog you can not only read the story on how she captured the image but you can also read all about the “Poloadroid” project – which is how we both created our “Poloaroid”-like images.

Just a few more installments left in PDT. Come back in two weeks to see our interpretation of corn in Central Illinois.


  1. the diversity of posts on your blog is tremendous, well done and an interesting topic

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