Posted by: David Vernon | August 25, 2010

Project Double Take 16 – Vertical Panoramas

A little serendipity on installment sixteen of the year-long Project Double Take as this task just fell into place.

Last fall I found myself in Atlanta, IL, shooting for a client. Paul Bunyan was one of my subjects but he was shot as a straight vertical shot with disagreeable light. But that was what we had so that’s what we shot. But I decided to return to the scene of the crime at sunrise with ladders and strobes in tow to do it right. And despite a few curious looks and a number of friendly waves – Paul was soon captured in four horizontal shots that I stacked together to make me a vertical panorama. Paul – at one time – held a big axe instead of the hot dog he is currently holding. Paul is a little embarrassed  by this but this is life when you live on old US Route 66. You have to hold the dog.

Stacy and I were both wondering what obvious things we could shoot that applied nicely to vertical panos. And after I got Paul Bunyon, then Vanna Whitewall was strongly encouraged to Ms. Hanna. It was a love match – good ‘ol Paul and Vanna. And so one day last week, Stacy found herself down on Washington Street on the south side of Peoria framing Vanna up on top of a six-foot ladder. And presto – one of Central Illinois’ tallest couples is well seen. Get Stacy’s take on our fiberglass friends over at her blog.

And we only have about 10 PDT projects left – where, oh where, has the year gone? Stay tuned for the big finish!


  1. Already found a companion for Vanna…


  2. Paul will be jealous but the guy has better food

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