Posted by: David Vernon | August 11, 2010

Project Double Take 15 – Banner Marsh

There’s no doubt about it – this is a big post. Okay – big because the square format required stacking, but it’s still big. So welcome to installment 682 of Project Double Take – as we take a tour of Fulton County’s Banner Marsh.

I’m always sort of surprised when someone around Central Illinois tells me that they’ve never been out to Banner Marsh – which is located about 25 minutes southwest of Peoria along highway IL-24 near Glasford. It is a beautiful place and the start of a wonderful string of wetlands that stretch down to Havana and Dickson Mounds.  There really is a little something for everyone out there.

My shot, of a sunset with a crescent moon, was actually taken a few weeks ago when we made our pilgrimage out to Banner to photograph sunflowers. We finished the night just north of an area called Bells Landing (that’s Bells – no ‘e’ and no apostrophe) where I set up to catch the sliver of a moon and a setting Venus in the western sky. This is an excellent example of using a graduated neutral density filter to keep the tree line from going completely black. I was able to keep the sky saturated while opening up the trees ever so slightly. The photo itself remains pretty simple, helped by the more unique square format.

Stacy’s 25-minute star trail over one of Banner’s ancient trees is a decidedly wonderful cool contrast to my warmer sunset hue. You can get the story on her image at her blog and when it’s all said and done you can’t say we didn’t deliver the stars and the moon…


  1. wow…it’s amazing….

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