Posted by: David Vernon | August 4, 2010

PDT Special #3 – Twin Bill

We’re a little past the halfway point of Project Double Take – Stacy and my brilliant idea to shoot a new landscape topic on average every 13 days or so in 2010. It seemed like a good idea last winter, when we were looking for something to keep us busy. That was a long time ago. Yet – we’re on the downhill side and it has kept us shoooting – a lot – this year. And to celebrate the halfway point, we started a special project back on July 1 that broke most of the rules. Welcome to PDT Special Project #3 – something we call Twin Bill. And no – it’s not about the landscape.

To have some fun midway through this project, we decided to go for the play on words aspect. As we bandied about names last year, we thought of all the pair names. While we landed on “Double Take”, we laughed at Twin Bill. We thought that as a name for back-to-back baseball games it was fine but mostly it just made us think of our mutual friend, Central Illinois photographer and Canon nerd, Bill Shaner. And then we thought why not? Let’s do a non-landscape project dedicated to Bill – and call it Twin Bill. Perfect. And since we knew Bill would join us on the Kelby Walk in July, we picked that month to get our shot of Bill. And in typical fashion, both Stacy and I photographed him not only on the same day – but within minutes of each other. We really gotta get out more.

In the spirit of total silliness – I made my image a little montage. I spoke to Bill and thought that I would take a nice portrait of my good buddy. I started like I always do – talking to my subject to help them relax. I asked Bill about his camera and how fast it could shoot and he said 3 frames per second. I asked him if that was enough and he said no – no it was never going to be enough. So much for relaxing. Meanwhile I started shooting and I had forgotten that my camera was set to its fastest frame rate – around 8-9 frames per second. As the camera started firing wildly, Bill instantly flew into a jealous rage and started to attack me. All because of my superior frame rate… I think in that last shot – you can see his Canon soul leaving his body…

Stacy plopped him down on the concrete beneath one of the most Photoshopped “signs” in Peoria. It really says “Stack Skids Here” but a lot of folks like to put kids in the shot and remove that second “s”. Bill is really a kid at heart so … it seems appropriate. Head over to her blog to get her story.

Alrighty – the silliness is past; it’s out of our system. Back to the real work of landscapes every few days. But thanks Bill – good sport as always. And PDT Special Project #2 – which is also wrapping up shortly – will make it’s appearance here in September. Numeric order is sometimes over-rated.

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