Posted by: David Vernon | August 1, 2010

August 2010 Desktop Calendar

August 2010 Desktop Calendar

So in an attempt to avoid making this blog about Project Double Take and monthly desktop calendars, I present you… HEY! Look over there!!!! A Hasselblad!

Well if I’m going to go all calendar on you today, I might as well make it something unique. How about Old Faithful – in Yellowstone – under the North Star? Will that buy me 31 days? I hope so. It was an absolute thrill to make this photograph – having one of Americas most famous icons (almost) all to my self around midnight one day back in June. This 17 minute exposure, with the north star in the frame, gave me the rotation and exposure I was after.

Head over to Flickr to see the original image and get the original story. And then look beneath for one of eight designer sizes – that will simply look beautiful on your desktop:

Mobile versions:


  1. Beautiful, thank you! I just changed my desktop today, and feel like I got cheated out of nine days!

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