Posted by: David Vernon | July 28, 2010

Project Double Take 14 – Light and Shadow

Welcome to Project Doubletake – Chapter 14 – what we like to call Light and Shadow…

I have to confess – as made obvious by the total absence of posts in the two-week window since the last Doubletake – that my image for this project was made under duress. We like to shoot our images in the 14-days that make up the period – from the first Monday to the final Sunday. My image was shot on the 15th day – in a hurried rush at the last minute. As my parents still like to remind me: “If it weren’t for deadlines I would get nothing done.”

Stacy and I wandered over to the extensive gardens at the Illinois Central College Horticultural Center in East Peoria. We wandered over there together because she wasn’t in a whole lot better shape than I was. She at least had shot something on day 14. She was just going the extra mile and shooting something on day 15 as well. And in the end, both of our shots did come from the gardens.

The idea behind light and shadow is to show how they play together. My image – of the lily pads in the little pool on the south side of the gardens – takes a very traditional approach to the topic. A real contrast between the highlights and the shadows. Most of the pads are well lit but a few absolutely retreat into darkness. This was taken just in front of sunset so the light was very low and directional. The added bonus of the blackness of the water in the reflections added to the overall feel. I chased many frogs away and eventually just laid down in the grass about six feet from the edge of the pond hoping one would hop back up. Alas…

Stacy took a different approach – using a backlit subject to show light and shadow within the same object – the flower. Those subtle shadows in the flower give it a real depth and dimension that wouldn’t exist if it was simply frontlit.

This was actually the first time I’d really wandered through the gardens at ICC and they were impressive. Maybe I’ll take a gardening glass in my spare time. Oh yeah right – good point – I seem to have no spare time. Rest assured however that this blog won’t be all about Doubletakes and Calendars… probably. Hey – come back Friday for the August calendar and then I’m sure there will be a lovely Doubletake from Banner Marsh in two weeks!

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