Posted by: David Vernon | July 14, 2010

Project Double Take 13 – Illinois River

Man oh man – Project Doubletake – where have you been?

First of all, I want to thank my partner in crime – Ms. Stacy – for guest posting for me FOUR weeks ago – the last time PDT graced the airwaves. My duotone of Mt. Rushmore was shot at Rushmore and then edited in Lightroom 3 (which I had downloaded only two days earlier) about eight hours later when we arrived in Sheridan, Wyoming for the evening. I uploaded it for Stacy around 1am and left it in her hands – for which she did great. That was PDT #11. And yet this is PDT #13. Where, you might ask, is PDT #12? Follow me to the next paragraph.

PDT #12 was our illustrious effort to use that quaint old-fashioned medium of FILM. And we haven’t failed if you allow a little fudging to occur. I shot three rolls of 220 film in my Pentax 67 while in Wyoming. That’s about 60 exposures. I brought the film (it was slide film – the wonderful Fuji RDP III Provia 100 ASA with a 2006 develop-by date – we know how to live on the edge) to Peoria Camera the day I returned from Wyoming, hoping to get it turned around quickly so I could scan the slides of choice and get to work. And that’s when the adventure ended. Peoria Camera – which did most of their film processing in house until pretty recently – has stopped. All of their color film now goes out – and I mean far out. It took about nine days to process and about 12 days for me to get my hands on it – putting me WAY past the deadline. Stacy had different but similar issues and so being the ones in charge we made what you would term an executive decision. We pushed the deadline out just over a month to the end of July. So come back in early August to see PDT #12 – it should be an adventure.

As for PDT #13 – putting us back on track – well – that was a bit of a push too. Stacy and I (joined by our bud and one-time, long-ago contributor around these parts, Bill Shaner), walked the Illinois River from Granite City Brewery to Steak n’ Shake in East Peoria one night last week. The only night I wasn’t booked or preoccupied last week. It rained. We waited it out and then made our Illinois River pictures in a decidedly non-David Zalaznik way. From the safety of the short standing about 200′ apart.

My workhorse 18-200mm lens was in New York at the time – the victim of a terrible fall in Sioux City, IA (no worries – it’s back from Nikon in top form) – so I outfitted myself with Sam the Fisheye – in all of it’s 10.5mm glory. I played around a bunch but finally liked the river when the light started to get a little warmer – a period of maybe 15 minutes. Standing in front of Steak n’ Shake, I snapped this ulta-wide to capture the river between two of its biggest bridges – the Bob Michel on the left and the Murray Baker on the right. Mission accomplished.

Stacy – standing just downriver – found the right five minutes of the night when the sky turned pinkish-purple. She was closer to the Michel Bridge so made it the center point of her effort. Well – the center point after the light. And the river. You can head over to her blog today (it’s linked above) to see her take on our effort. And then come back in two weeks for our display in the topic of “Light and Shadow”


  1. So, what did you think of LR3??

    Oh, and what’s so safe about the short??? 🙂

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