Posted by: David Vernon | July 9, 2010

I Can’t Tell Time

Pole Star and Old Faithful

I seem to recall I said I would be back with new content the week of June 28. That was two weeks ago and I don’t think one monthly calendar promo counts. Obviously I can’t tell time. That is it. I am getting older – some things go with age.

Actually, for those who don’t know it, I’ve returned to a job outside of photography with a previous employer. And coincidentally my real start date was June 28 which helps explain some of my absence here. I’m working about 3/4 time for them and still trying to do all I do photographically at the same time. It takes a fine balancing act to pull it off – as I am discovering – and one of the casualties has been this blog. And it’s quite possible it will continue to suffer while I get it all figured out.

That being said, I have been accumulating a series of “things” to pass along – so I’m just going to get it out in one or two quick posts today:

§ Peoria photographers Doug and Eileen Leunig have gotten together with Peoria historian Dr. Peter Couri and ArtsPartners to produce “Peoria City Hall: A Visitor’s Guide to Peoria’s Greatest Treasure”, a wonderful book to get you through all of the artistic and historical things you can find at Peoria’s City Hall. Gary Panetta over at the Peoria Journal Star has a nice write-up on it. The book is available at the Riverfront Visitor’s Center, Lakeview Museum, and the Illinois Antique Center – among other places.

§ Speaking of the Peoria Journal Star and photography, they have a nice new blog that’s all about photography – much akin to The Big Picture (from or The Frame (from the Sacramento Bee). It’s called The Eye and it’s worth a look – they’ve got some talented shooters down at 1 News Plaza. (And thanks to Bill for finding them for me).

§ If you’re also a fan of local photography, you can do worse then to check out the Heart of Illinois Fair which runs for the next week or so. Over 450 photos were submitted to the fair’s annual photography contest and the quality is usually pretty high across the board. It’s a nice chance to see what local folks are doing photographically. More details from the PJS on times, costs, etc.

§ If you’ve spent anytime trying to manage color between camera, computer, and printer – well then your hair probably looks a lot like mine (use your imagination if you’ve never met me in person). Photographer Andrew Darlow has at least four good parts on the process over on Scott Bourne’s Photofocus blog. Start with Part IV and work your way backwards – it’s a pretty comprehensive take on getting it all to line up.

§ Also, you might want to consider color management for your web browser. If you look at a lot of photos on the web, your choice of browser can actually make that experience better or worse – depending on how it manages color. Gary Ballard explains it all for you in this comprehensive article. Suggestions: Firefox and Safari probably do it best from the list of large market-share browsers.

§ The man himself, David Hobby of, has come out with a list of recommendations if you’re considering purchasing radio transmitters/receivers for syncing flashes. No surprises really – and a really well-thought out article to examine three levels of budget. Pocket Wizards if you can afford it. Three good mid-range products (Radio Poppers, Cyber Syncs, and Elinchromes) for the middle budgets and then a big thumbs down on wasting your money on cheap stuff.

§ If you are in to the HDR (high-dynamic range) look, you might want to check out a new process that is like HDR but works a little differently. Called Exposure Fusion, there’s a nice introductary write-up over at Digital Photography School. And contrary to what the article talks about, my version of Photomatix Pro (version 3.2.7) has it built-in. And if you’re a Photomatix owner who has any version 3.0 or higher, you can do a free upgrade to the current version.

That’s enough for one post – I’m nearly exhausted after all this time off. Part II coming in a few minutes. I’ll leave you with a small slideshow of images from my recent trip out to Yellowstone. What a park… what a park. The shot that leads off this article was a 17-minute exposure taken just after midnight at Old Faithful. Wonderful to have the place all to yourself.


  1. Stunning long exposure of Old Faithful, David. Love it.

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