Posted by: Stacy Hanna | June 16, 2010

Project Double Take 11 – Duotones

Good Morning Everyone! It’s Stacy Hanna here. I’ve hijacked the Central Illinois Photoblog to bring you the latest Project Double Take shots. We’re already up to 11 (doesn’t that sound like the line from “This is Spinal Tap”?) That’s right, this one goes up to eleven! This time we were after Duotones. The rain for both David and I has been a hindrance to getting out and shooting, but we’ve both managed to find a break in the sky to bring you this week’s PDT.  To read more about my barn, feel free to swing over to my blog.  David as you can see is traveling and his shot is of the iconic Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  I’m sure he will have plenty of stories to share with us when he returns, but until then you should start thinking about our upcoming PDT.

Up next is “Film” due on June 28th and “Lensbabies” due July 12th. So hop on over to our PDT Flickr Group to join in the fun.

P.S. Anyone think Dave will notice that I’m taking over the world one blog at a time? He’ll forgive me, right?


  1. YOU are in so much trouble… er, I mean thanks!

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