Posted by: David Vernon | June 9, 2010

PDT Special #1 – Jubilee College SP

Because we didn’t have enough to do, we wanted to throw a few extra projects at Project Double Take. WHAT were we thinking? So welcome to Project Double Take Special Project #1 – Jubilee College State Park.

For being one of the two closet state parks to Peoria (the other is Wildlife Prairie), one would think I would have ventured out there a little more over the years – and yet this was the very first time I truly drove the park end-to-end. I find a lot of Illinois State parks rather homogeneous – they tend to look the same in most directions. Jubilee doesn’t quite break the mold on that yet it has its moments. Stacy and I walked the park together one afternoon, determined to get our shot and we both found our way down to the large pond in the west central part of the park – between Possum Bend and Woodchuck Ridge. I was immediately attracted to the lilies in bloom on the water’s edge with the perfect blue and puffy white cloud sky reflected in the water. Stacy joined me at the pond but then she got distracted by the bright shiny object that was the trail leading down to the pond. The dapple light through the trees and the selective focus on the foreground make for a lovely composition.

We’re now in the midst of PDT Special Project #2 –  Out of Illinois in the Vertical Format – which is due at the end of July. It’s kind of cheating for those who are taking a little vacation sometime in June or July outside the state. Just take a picture. There’s also our regular PDT #11 – Duotones in the Vertical Format  – which will appear here in one week. And the ongoing Film project (again with the Vertical) – PDT #12 – comes due in a few weeks on June 28.

Keep on shooting.

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