Posted by: David Vernon | June 2, 2010

Project Double Take 10 – Formal Gardens

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends… it’s the tenth happy edition of Project Double Take. This week’s assignment – Formal Garden – in a horizontal format.

Stacy and I both had, perhaps, regrets, about using some of our Allerton pictures for the previous Landscape Wide Open portion of the project. We spied a few other gardens but just weren’t getting what we wanted. Until a fortunate and chance encounter with David Zalaznik pointed us to the fantastic garden of Peorian Dan Callahan, who lives over in the West Bluff. Stacy and I ventured over there about a week ago and we went to work on a dapple-lit day. And interestingly  we both fell hard for the garden gate and the owl. My backup picture was a shot of the gate and her backup picture was a shot of the owl. But here you go anyways.

I find that garden’s are a lot like creeks in Illinois. You get this great image in your head of what you want things to look like – and then you get there and there’s always something sticking its nose in your shot. Around creeks it appears to be lots of extraneous tree branches. In gardens, it’s stems of a wrong height, flowers of a wrong color, bare ground where you don’t want it, etc. Fortunately Dan’s garden was lacking most of those qualities and we found a lot to like. For Stacy’s take on this, head over to her blog. And come back here in one week when we debut the first “special” Project Double Take endeavor – Jubilee College State Park.

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