Posted by: David Vernon | May 18, 2010

Come see the Leunigs Tonight


And not to steal Doug and Eileen’s thunder, but if you were inspired by Brad Trent yesterday, he stopped by with a nice comment on his post-processing so read this first and then drop down and see how Brad does it – after his gorgeous lighting sets the stage.

So anyway. Doug. Eileen. Light Painting. Yeah – it’s all part of the big show at the Peoria Camera Club. For one night only – that being this night. At 7:30pm.  At Immanuel Lutheran Church, 4911 N Knoxville Ave, Peoria, Illinois – which is located on the northwest corner of Knoxville and Glen Ave. This is some pretty cool stuff they do with flashlights and flashes and color – and I still hear rumor of a live demo so come out and see the show.


  1. i like the picture!

  2. Thanks Desiree – me too.

  3. Me three!!

    Are you attending the PCC tonight? I think we ought to check it out.

  4. I am considering the PCC presentation tonight to be a ‘must see’!

  5. Likewise, good photo!

    Do you mind if I ask what camera/lens you used (and film, too, if you roll that way)?

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