Posted by: David Vernon | May 12, 2010

Scream Peoria

We'll Take ItThe running slogan of the group pool in the Peoria Flickr Group is “Scream Peoria”.

When I started the group almost five years ago, I was a believer in the notion that the pool of images submitted to the group should be uniquely Peoria (or Central Illinois) and not just there because the photo was taken in Peoria. This has, at times, been a source of concern for folks – and I understand that – but I’ve stood by this assertion and will continue to do so.

And in fact we’re going to have a live personification of this policy – and you are invited. Let me explain.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the group – on August 14 of this year – we’re going to have a show of images on the walls of the beloved One World Cafe at the corner of Main and University in Peoria. The theme of that show is “Scream Peoria” – much like our pool policy.

And like our show up at One World two years ago – we’re inviting anyone in the group to submit an image or two for jurying and we’ll pick 12-15 of the best images for display. And if you’d consider it, you can submit an image for inclusion. If you’re not on flickr or part of the Peoria group, joining each is free and you don’t have to do anything other then post your photo and then dump it into the group thread to be considered.

So give it a thought. The jury deadline is June 27 and we’ll notify all entrants by July 1 so you have approximately three weeks to print and frame your print. The show hangs on July 25 and will stay put until September 19. All images will be for sale so you have to be down with that too.

And just so it’s in one place – here are a few convenient links:

Also – we’re hosting two photowalks this Saturday. Details are here – but basically we’ll be up at Luthy Botanical Gardens from 10am to 11:30am and we’ll be heading over to Allerton – just southwest of Champaign and one of Illinois’ Seven Wonders – in the afternoon – at 3pm – to see their formal gardens.


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