Posted by: David Vernon | May 5, 2010

Project Double Take 8 – Starved Rock/Matthiessen

Welcome to the eighth edition of Project Double Take. This week’s assignment is “Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks” in the vertical format.

It’s an interesting thing to do a Double Take where it all comes down to one trip, one shoot, one chance to get it right. If the weather is unforgiving then what? Stacy and I – and a few friends – ventured up to our two favorite sistered state parks – Starved Rock and Matthiessen – last Saturday. Fortunately the weather and the light where wonderful. The water on the other hand was not to be found much that day. The waterfalls were all diminished but we soldiered on (and interestingly it rained that night and pictures from another photographer the next day revealed a nice improvement – see it is all about timing).

My shot was made at midday – in Ottawa Canyon in Starved Rock. We had alternating clouds and sun most of the day – and the clouds did their job – giving me a gigantic softbox in the sky for my shot. I found this old stump part way up a hill and made it my foreground – while letting the falls and canyon walls be my background. Stacy made her shot a few hours later down in Matthiessen’s Wishing Well. The water was nice and low and fully revealed these foreground rocks while Cascade Falls tumbled peacefully in the background.

We had a great time on our fieldtrip. And in just over a week, we’ll be tripping to both Luthy Botanical Gardens in Peoria and Allerton in Champaign for assignment #10 – Formal Gardens. Meanwhile we take on the atypical Landscapes Wide Open for Project #9.

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