Posted by: David Vernon | April 30, 2010

May 2010 Desktop Calendar

May 2010 Desktop Calendar

Welcome to May. If April showers bring May flowers – well – we may be a little behind. Here in Central Illinois, April was a drier and warmer then usual month. However it does seem, in these last few days that it’s trying to make up for that fact – so perhaps our flowers will be intact. But everything always seems nicer in May – so fingers crossed for this year.

This month’s image was made in West Virginia back in 2007 – on a rainy morning. In fact the whole time we were in West Virginia it seemed to be raining. One of the coolest mountains in the state, famed Seneca Rocks, was out there somewhere at sunrise. I think you can see it. To see the original story on this image, head over to Flickr. And then feel free to decorate your desktop with this version of May flowers – in one of about a million sizes (including a new size optimized for the iPad.

Desktop versions:

Mobile versions:

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