Posted by: David Vernon | April 26, 2010

Camera Club Upcoming

Trinity Lutheran Sanctuary

A few good things coming up at the local temple of photography – the Peoria Camera Club.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 27 – Elijah Sansom will be presenting on histograms and pixels. A good digital discussion if you want to know a little more about this valuable digital tool and the art of the pixel.

On Tuesday, May 4, Vicki Padesky and Rich Seeman will talk about clever ways to get up close with their presentation “A Closer Look at Close Ups”. I suspect they’ll be focusing on such things as macro lenses, extension tubes, close-up lenses, bellows, extenders, reversal rings, and scanning electron microscopes. They might not get through that entire list.

On Tuesday, May 18, two of my favorite local photographers, Doug and Eileen Leunig will be in the house to talk about “Painting with Light”. They’re recent Lightpainting exhibition was a knockout and has inspired me to do some similar work (I’m always a few years behind Doug and Eileen’s ideas) in the months ahead. You’ll see some great stuff here folks.

The PCC year wraps up pretty quickly thereafter. On Tuesday, May 25, you’ll get some insight on “How to Create Winning Images” for contests. This is in prep for the upcoming Heart of Illinois Fair Photography Contest.

The Saturday after that is the end of year banquet which will take place at 6:30pm.

All meetings, unless otherwise noted, begin at 7:30pm at the Parish Hall in Immanuel Lutheran Church on the corner of Knoxville and Glen Avenues, 4911 N. Knoxville Avenue in Peoria IL.

See you out there.

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