Posted by: David Vernon | April 23, 2010

Summer Photo Workshops

Summer 2010 Photography Workshops

Looking for a little photographic education in the next few months? Then we might be able to help you.

Central Illinois-based photographers and educators Ann Conver and Dave Vernon (okay, true – that’s me) are offering four workshops over the next four months. Come stick your toes in the water – the learning is great.

  • Landscape Photography – The Secrets of Matthiessen State Park – May 6 (6pm to 8pm) and May 8 (9am to 6pm):  This unique two-part workshop will give you all the tools and skills to make better landscape imagery. After a short in-class session, we’ll take you up to Illinois’ Matthiessen State Park to explore all of the wonderful and classic pictures – and to see a few secret waterfalls. Participants will work with their own gear –and some of ours –as we show you all the tricks for making outstanding nature shots.
  • Photographic Lighting – Better Portraits and Tabletops – June 26, 2010, 9am to 4pm:  This workshop covers all the bases when it comes to getting the flash off the camera to take your portraits and tabletop shots to the next level. We’ll cover all the fundamentals in the morning, and then spend the afternoon helping you put it all together with your own gear. And you can even borrow a little of ours. You can do amazing things with just one flash –so come explore and see what opportunities await you for the best in OCF –Off-Camera Flash!
  • No-Light/Low-Light Photography – July 26, 2010: A workshop with a siesta! Get up early to see the blue hour, twilight and a wonderful sunrise –all with your camera in hand –as we take you through the basics of low-light photography. Then take a good long nap and wait until we head out for the opposite end of the day –shooting sunsets, the full moon, and then landscape scenes by moonlight. You’ll just need your camera and a tripod.
  • The Wedding Photography Workshop – Surviving the Big Day – August 21, 2010, 9am to 4pm:  If you’ve never shot a wedding before –or are fairly new to it –this workshop will give you the full rundown of what to expect on your client’s big day and how you can pull it off. We’ll get you organized and we’ll even put you in a church with a bride and groom so you can see it done right before your eyes. We take you from the wedding to the reception and then offer all kinds of advice for optimizing your workflow.

Download the flyer and sign up. And feel free to contact me if you need more information.

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