Posted by: David Vernon | April 21, 2010

Project Double Take 7 – Corn Cribs/Silos

Welcome to the seventh edition of Project Double Take. This week’s assignment is “Corn Cribs/Silos” in the vertical format.

I have to admit – going in – that I had a crib in mind. It was an ancient, dilapidated, decaying mess. Covered in vines with tress growing inside and broken boards everywhere it just had such character. I had seen it first years ago when my friend Sam took some photos of it. She originally decided it might be a chicken coop, but was outvoted in the comments and it was dubbed a corn crib. Thank goodness because the assignment was not chicken coops if you know what I mean. Sam shot hers on a moody cloudy day and later in the year – it was covered in vines. I was there earlier – both on the calendar and in the day – arriving right around sunrise to capture the rising sun through the side boards. It is interesting because I have Sam’s fisheye lens and felt it was totally warranted to do a vertical fisheye treatment on this crib. I actually can’t wait to go back and visit this place again later this year. It’s actually just outside of Pekin, south or Route 9 on Mennonite Church Road (which interestingly is no longer identified by a Mennonite Church – the building is now a Baptist Church. Weird no?).

Stacy’s shot is interesting to me in that I know how much pain she had to go through to get it. We actually went out shooting in Woodford and Marshall counties last week and I’m telling you – for a place that’s full of corn – we couldn’t find ANYTHING worth photographing. Where are all the cribs I’ve seen around Central Illinois? What I get for not writing any of this down. She did finally find something but in somewhat unkind light. When the photo gods give you unkind light – you make lemonade – also known as a neat black and white image.

So there you go – we’ve cribbed it. Now we can move on to our second state-owned property of the year – Matthiessen and Starved Rock. Yeah – I’ve not spent nearly enough time up there before.

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