Posted by: David Vernon | April 19, 2010

A few thoughts on a Monday

Sunset without Spouse - Lake MichiganGOOOOOD Morning Central Illinois (never watch a YouTube clip of Robin Williams from “Good Morning Vietnam” – in Spanish – first thing in the morning. I’m just sayin’.)

If you haven’t heard of the website Indie Ink, then I encourage you to check out this collection of writers and artists that publishes some top-notch stuff on a daily basis. I brag about them because I had an image added to their collection today (of one of my favorite Central Illinois doors) so they obviously have good taste. But lots of good reading – and good photography.

I’ve also got a soft spot in my heart for a) photographic lighting and b) lists. When the two come together – well that’s just heavenly. Austin, TX-based commercial shooter Kirk Tuck talks about his ten best lighting tools. And he mentions a few things you might not think of for a top-ten list so I think it’s worth a look if you do any amount of lighting.

And some of you know I’m a fan of photojournalist Renée Byer. The 2007 Pulizter Prize winner recently gave a presentation at Tedx Tokyo that was a shortened version of the talk she gave at Bradley in October of 2008. If you didn’t get to see her at Bradley (and I didn’t see a single one of you there), then this embed gives you a little background on a wonderful shooter and the stories she has told. There won’t be a lot of dry eyes by the end…

Tell a powerful story this week. Go forth and conquer.

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