Posted by: David Vernon | April 7, 2010

Project Double Take 6 – Sand Ridge State Forest

Welcome to the sixth edition of Project Double Take. This week’s assignment is “Sand Ridge State Forest” in the more unique square format.

And what an adventure it was.

Well – it didn’t start out that way. With a little scheduling snafu here and there, both Stacy and I elected to go out to Sand Ridge basically two days before the shooting deadline to see what we could get. And actually the weather wasn’t too bad – we had no encounters with ticks – and we shot and shot some more. And yet I wasn’t satisfied with what I had recorded in the Gleason Preserve on the west side of Sand Ridge, so I decided to go out and shoot a little more at sunset on Sunday night. Under a tornado watch. With a huge thunderstorm bearing down on me.

I parked in the tiny parking lot just east of the preserve and hiked the 200-300 yards up to the top of the ridge. Before I could even set my tripod down, I saw lightning strikes just a few miles to the west. Not being completely daft, I exposed one five-shot bracket and ran for my life. I stopped on the way back down the tree-covered dunes to make the exposure I ended up with and then it was back to the car and I drove east at a rapid pace.

Stacy, on the other hand, made her shot quite leisurely the day before, as we tramped across the ridge on Saturday morning. Pbbbth! Boring! But a nice shot.

PDT continues unabated – we don’t fear no stinkin’ thunderstorms. You’ve got two weeks to find your vertical interpretation of a corn crib or silo. Go!


  1. Boring you say? Leisurely you say?

    We all can’t be as wild and crazy as you. 🙂 I braved the ticks and all I got was this lousy photo. Hehe.

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