Posted by: David Vernon | April 1, 2010

I’m Making the Move

Well I wanted to announce this here. Today. I’m making the move – to Canon.

As an almost lifelong Nikon shooter I don’t make this move easily. I was fortunate to shoot 1Ds Mk IIs for a couple of years for a job and fell in love with all things Canon but I’m a Nikon guy at heart and always thought I would be. But what can I tell you? Canon has been impressing me lately with their lineup and I just feel like it’s the right time to leave the dark side. So off I go – Digital Rebel in hand – to make my mark. Or my Mk.

Adios Nikon – Holá Canon. It’s good to be home.

Anyone wanna buy a used D300?


  1. Welcome to the light side! If only for a day! Haha

  2. Welcome aboard!

  3. people buy used Nikon equipment?

    have you shot the new 1D Mark IV yet?

  4. Wow…if it weren’t April 1st, Id be asking how much you wanted for the D300

  5. Yeah – don’t ask…

  6. I think I just died a little…

  7. I would have bought it had you said you were going medium format… or if you would have said you took the insurance payment on the truck as a downpayment on a D3S… Of course, if that happened to me with the vehicles I have, I might have a “downpayment” on a quarter for a gumball machine.

  8. Dude… the truck was 15 years old… maybe a downpayment on the Rebel…

  9. Lol! You had me freaked out till I saw the date of this posting. The Husband and I were getting ready to jump in our car, hunt you down and beat you. Too funny.

  10. okay…I just had a minor heart attack…damn you!

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