Posted by: David Vernon | March 31, 2010

April 2010 Desktop Calendar

April 2010 Desktop Calendar

April in Central Illinois is one of those funny months. You’ve been teased now with a few weeks of nice weather – weather that always seems to show up in mid-March and then disappear around April Fool’s Day for a month. Every year I think this April may be different (and this one is starting out warm), but almost without fail, somewhere along the line, April breaks your heart and you find yourself cold and wet.

Well – forget about it. This is the year everything changes. It’s gonna be a warm, wonderful month. Celebrate with this desktop image from just a few weeks ago taken down in the Mackinaw River Valley in southern Tazewell County. To see the original story on this image, head over to Flickr. And to cover your desktop in the lovely colors of a spring sunrise, pick your favorite size down below:

Desktop versions:

Mobile versions:

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